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Braden Summer’s ‘All Love Is Equal’ Photo Series Showcases LGBT Couples Around The World


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Sane love ..No freedom till were equal damn right I support it 🙌🌈 #macklemore 💕

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Everyone wakes up with different feelings everyday ✊💯

I’m not petty. I’m advanced petty. I’m why you ain’t text me back petty. I’m you went to sleep on me so I’m not texting you until you text me petty. I’m you apologized 22 times & I’m still mad petty. I’m don’t kiss me now, kiss that girl that texted your phone petty. I’m nah I ain’t got an attitude, but I’m sleep. Bye petty. I’m I hate you 20 minutes later babe, you still mad ? petty. I’m just as petty as they come.😂😭







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I guess being REAL is a SIN nowadays..because It feels likes I keep getting punished for keeping it 💯



You could love someone ❤️ and they won’t love you back💔. You could cry over someone 😢 who not worried about you😭. You could stay up thinking about someone😩. Who sleeping well with someone else on their mind😴. Why!? Because that person fake feelings made you fall in love just to wake up one day and decide never to talk to you again✌️. People are so cruel they don’t care who they hurt💔As long as their heart remains not broken ❤️

Free my ninja summer thoughh👙🌞🔐🔓

✌️I don’t believe in promises because here are often broken …. Nd all that’s left to say is sorry nd I dislike the word also…

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